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Fairy Doody Hits The Fan: The Precure Trials!

You think that, after a summer break that exciting, things would settle down? NOPE. Things are starting to heat up for the Heartcatch girls.

It all started with a dream. A nightmarish vision Kaoruko Hanasaki had, watching the Earth being turned into a desert while Tsubomi, Erika and Itsuki watch on, powerless and helpless. She knew it was time for them to go one step further. The Desert King, Dune, was coming and she could feel it.

After trying to dissuade the trio from their duties as Precure (and knowing they wouldn't, watched as they turned her down), she lead the three, along with Yuri, to a special location hidden within a tree and unlocked with a special seed in Potpourri's possession. Inside was the passageway to a new location: the Precure Palace. Their mission there: to prove their worthiness as Precure to obtain the Heartcatch Mirage, an item that would allow them to gain infinite power. And to do that, they must fight the previous Precure. And in a certain room inside the palace, they're given their own challenge.

"In the past, I defeated the previous Precure and obtained the Heartcatch Mirage." Kaoruku said.

"But, I can't fight you, Grandma!" Tsubomi, now as Cure Blossom, protested.

"I am unable to fight you, Tsubomi, even for this ordeal." Kaoruku said. "That's why they will substitute in my place!"

They? They who? Whatever question they were going to ask were silenced by three silhouettes falling and landing in front of the three transformed Precure."

"You...!" Tsubomi stammered, in shocked.

Nagisa Misumi.

Honoko Yukishiro.

Karen Minazuki.

Three of the Precure before them, both in action and in the wonders of Drama Drama Duck. How did Kaoruko know of them? Had Tsubomi told her about them? Or perhaps had someone else?

"Why are they here?" Tsubomi asked.

"The battles with the Desert Apostles are going to get more harsh. No matter what happens, you must resolve to do what it takes! If you don't have that resolve, then give up being Precure!" Kaoruko said. Tsubomi turned to the three, conflicted slightly.

"Nagisa... Honoka... Karen... you three are my dear friends. But, there's things we must protect here. And... and I resolve to overcome you all!"
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"Sorry about this," Black says, running straight at her timid opponent. "It's one of those weird things!" She throws a punch up at her.
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Black jumps back and ducks, then goes to ram at her with her shoulder.

"Another weird Precure tradition."

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Aqua wasted little time. After a cursory "Don't expect me to hold back," she leaped towards Marine with a kick.

After all, it wouldn't be much of a test if she went easy on her, right?
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Being on the defensive the moment they stepped in, Marine jumps backwards to dodge the kick. Once she lands, she raises her head, face set in determination as she assesses the situation. Man, this was definitely not going to be easy. Aqua easily had much more experience than her and even then it'd be a stretch to one up the senior Cure.

"I'd be mad if you did!"

But, a Cure's gotta do what a Cure's gotta do right? With that in mind, Cure Marine charges forward with her fist drawn back to meet Aqua head on with a nice little Marine Punch.
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That might have worked, if Aqua hadn't been looking right at her. As it was, honestly it was almost insulting. "You're not fighting a giant monster," she commented as she dodged and twisted around, intending to grab Marine by the arm and push her down.
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Itsuki just stands gawking for a long moment. But then, it's White. Standing around wondering how the hell she was going to survive... was going to get her killed. So she slid into a stance and prayed this couldn't get any worse.

"I don't want to fight you. But..." She shook her head, and when she looked over next, she was decided. "If this is what it takes to protect the people that are important to me, then so be it."
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Honoka nods, looking at Itsuki before sliding down into her own fighting stance. "I know. I don't want to either, but... if proving yourself like this is the only way for you three to get that power you need, then I can't hold back."

Well, she couldn't hold back more than the fact that she and Nagisa were fighting different people and therefore couldn't use anything beyond basic punches and kicks, anyway. But from what Honoka understood, that wasn't even the point.

The point was for them to prove themselves in this battle, so using those attacks weren't something that she'd be doing anyway.

"You better not hold back either. You won't win if you do."
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"I'd sooner die. There's too much at stake. So... Cure White."

And she's gone, off like a rocket and airborne on a path over Honoka's head, upside down and facing her unlikely enemy.

"Have at thee...!"
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Well. Honoka did have to remember that unlike her, Sunshine had been training in martial arts before she became a Precure. Or at all.

Despite that though, so far Sunshine hadn't really tried anything yet, but Honoka's already flipped around and ready to try to counter whatever it was that Itsuki tried to use for her opening move.

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Peanut Gallery

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[Kaitou is shuffling cards as he watches the throw down.]

Ten on Aqua.

[He's also got a video camera. For posterity. Because why not? The other Precure would want to see this.]
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Dammit Kaitou, you're not supposed to bet against us when we need this to not die- ah!

[And she breaks off from her complaining as White presses in, with a yelp.]
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It's a legitimate strategy! It motivates you to fight as hard as you can!
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[Yuri's standing next to him sighing.]

Kaitou, please at least try to take this seriously.
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I am taking it seriously. Otherwise I wouldn't have actually helped with this little shenanigan.
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If you had tried that, I would have put a stop to it, so that doesn't really help your case.
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True enough. I suppose its give or take right now.

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[ She'd send you all the death glares, Kaitou, but she's got her own fight to focus on.

So, here, just have her 'YOU'RE GOING GOING TO REGRET THIS' face before she goes back to her business.
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You'd rather I bet 10 on you meeting the floor more than once?
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I'd rather you bet 10 that I'm going to WIN!
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Fine fine, ten on Marine.